1. When does the Challenge start?
    You can join the challenge at any time! We hosted a Launch Event on June 26th at the Google Community Center in San Francisco. Watch the livestream sessions here: http://bit.ly/CAWaterDataLaunchLIVE and http://bit.ly/CAWaterDataLaunchLIVE2. Check the calendar on the main page for upcoming events, sign up for the Community mailing list and join the slack community to receive the latest updates and events.
  2. How do I submit an entry for the challenge?
    You can find the submission template in the Community Space for Participants folder: http://bit.ly/Water18Workspace. We encourage you to become familiar with the challenge questions and review the recommended datasets.
  3. How do I sign up for the Challenge?
    Participate at any time! You are considered a participant as you register through mailchimp, slack, and submit your entry for consideration before the Summit and Awards Ceremony which will be held October 18th in LA and online. Details about the summit will be shared through our lists.
  4. When does the Challenge end?
    Project submissions are due October 1st. http://bit.ly/SubmissionEntryForm.

    The Summit and Awards Ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on October 18th. Broadcasting will be available for participants not able to attend in person. We will share the Eventbrite on the Calendar when information becomes available.
  5. How can I find potential teammates and collaborators?
    We have a Team Formation document in the Community Workspace, and encourage team formation through the slack channel and other community-hosted events. Check out our Calendar for more in-person and online opportunities also. The organizing team and partners will be adding items throughout the summer!
  6. There is a lot of information that is being curated and shared. Is there a one stop shop?
    The waterchallenge.data.ca.gov website is being updated as the main resource, with links to the Challenge Questions, Data, ways to Get Involved, and other news. We suggest checking the bit.ly shortcuts page, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ping us on slack or via email to waterchallenge@westbigdatahub.org.
  7. What if I have a question not covered here yet?
    Email us at waterchallenge@westbigdatahub.org or find us on social media with #CAWaterDataChallenge. We look forward to hearing from you.