When are projects due for the 2020-2021 Challenge?

Projects must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2021 to be considered for recognition and awards. Teams will be asked to provide a short video summarizing their project, describe the motivation for their work, key results/findings, and ideas for next steps. 


What data should I use for the Challenge?

In support of the Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755), teams are encouraged to explore the many Open Data resources available at https://waterchallenge.data.ca.gov/data-resources/.  New for 2020-2021, open data from New Mexico is being curated at newmexicowaterdata.org and we encourage teams to collaborate across states.  At least one open data resource must be used to be considered for awards, and if any restricted-access data are leveraged for a project, teams should provide details to enable submission review and community engagement.


How can I form a team?

Virtual community events such as the August Datathon facilitate team formation around the Challenge questions, and individuals can connect through the online Slack workspace that continues to grow each year. If you are interested in hosting a Datathon or team-formation activity and would like a Challenge organizing team member or mentors to participate, please contact us at waterchallenge@westbigdatahub.org.


How many people typically work together on each project/team?

While we don’t restrict team sizes, and encourage collaboration broadly, typically projects are co-designed, developed, and submitted by a core team of 2-6 people. Individuals are welcome to submit projects as well. During the submission process, you will be asked to list the core project contributors to facilitate distribution of any awards. Beyond the core team members submitting the project, acknowledgements of mentors, collaborators, advisors, and resources used for a project are welcome.