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If you and/or your employees have data-related skills to offer, please consider joining the challenge as an individual or as a team. Community Members experiencing water issues should join as mentors or community liaisons to guide the design and development of solutions. This is a great opportunity to put company service programs to good use by allocating staff time to engage in the challenge. Sign up for email announcements about the Challenge at

Save your spot for the Summit and Awards Ceremony. Join us in person or online! In person seats are limited.

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Join our team of media ambassadors to get the latest updates and materials to share with your network. Traditional as well as social media ambassadors are welcome. Join the conversation with #CAWaterDataChallenge.

Call for Commitments

All stakeholders are invited to contribute and collaborate on the application of #opendata tools supporting safe drinking water for all. Select commitments will be highlighted as part of our June 26 Launch Event at the Google Community Space in San Francisco.

What is a commitment?

California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge commitments are new, specific, and measurable actions that will be taken by community stakeholders in support of demonstrating the power of open data to improve access to safe drinking water. Examples of commitments can include:

  • Hosting workshops, roundtables, hackathons, and other convenings throughout the summer to build, test, and improve prototype solutions to the Challenge
  • Broadening access to additional data, technology infrastructure, tools, and resources aligned with the Challenge
  • Supporting next steps from the Challenge, whether through local deployment, mentoring of participant teams, seed-funding, or other mechanisms

Please note that while the focus of the Challenge is accessibility of safe drinking water for California, commitments from partners and organizations outside of the state are welcome.

Our organizing team is available to collaborate with you in capturing ideas for commitments and identifying potential partners. Email to set up a coordination call.

When are commitments due?

Final submissions via the Google Form are due by June 20 to be considered for the Launch Event.

The form will remain open for additional commitments throughout the summer in preparation for a #CAWaterDataChallenge Summit.

Host or Sponsor an Event

We are slated to have a launch event and an awards ceremony. We are looking for event hosts and sponsors. We need space that is well connected for live streaming and interactive content. We’d also like to provide participants with food and materials. If you’re interested in being a host or sponsor email us at

Lend Your Social Influence

If you are a well known figure you have the potential to amplify the challenge so that we reach more possible participants. Please contact us at if you are willing to leverage your celebrity to bring attention to the issue of safe drinking water and the data challenge.

Provide In-kind Support

There are many activities necessary to make this challenge a success. We will need audio/visual support at each event. We would like to craft short videos describing the challenge and the kinds of tools that people need. We could use assistance from videographers with both videotaping and editing/production. If you have an in-kind skill to contribute, email us at


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